Kenya Cardoso is the Permanent Makeup Artist ans Instructor at KC Permanent Makeup Academy & Studio. She is a Brazilian native. At a very young age, her teachers noticed her great abilities doing her crafting. Soon she became known for her talent and started to make money crafting for people from her school and hometown.

KC is known for her attractive results by creating marvelous Digital Machine Microblading also known as Nano hair strokes eyebrows, Powder eyebrows, Lip Permanent Makeup, Lip blush, Aquarelle Lip, full lip, lip Revitalization, Eyelashes enhancement, Eyeliner, Skin Microneedling and additional micropigmentation services.

In 2002 KC became a photographer and also started doing her client’s makeup as well and fell in love with making people feel happy and more confident about themselves.


In 2004 she began attending college at Uniaraxa to become a Nurse. There she was quickly nominated the leader of her class by the others students to be their voice and manage the class’s interests in front of the principal. All of that happend because in the 1st week Kenya created T-shirts and jackets and arranged for models to present her projects, and the class loved the idea! Later she became president of the dorm as she created a team to keep “order”, creating rules to be followed by everyone to keep those in the dorm working for those who needed it. Kenya received many compliments from the principal for the idea.

kc pmu ACADEMY

KC is a leader by nature: In 2007 she started an adventure by moving to the United States where she found her love, got married and had a beautiful son. The crafting art and love for beauty runs in her family as Kenya’s sister Keyla Maria is also very skilled. While Kenya was living in the USA Keyla Maria fell in love with Permanent Makeup and asked Kenya if she could provide her PMU Training as a gift. Kenya was excited right away by the idea and said yes!

Keyla did an amazing job during her classes and got hired right away by the PMU School where she quickly became an instructor and manager. During this time Keyla had been motivating Kenya to become a Permanent Makeup artist as she knew Kenya would do an amazing job as well. That was when they both decided to open their own PMU Academy in Contagem MG, Brazil in 2012.

In September of 2012 Kenya Cardoso finally went back to Brazil to learn everything from her yet highly skilled and experienced sister Keyla Maria. Kenya received intensive one on one training and learned the fundamentals of the Application of Permanent Cosmetics and all advanced training available in the industry. Colorimethy, skin anatomy, all kinds of machine existing in market, the best techniques created by machine work and other skills. During the training, Kenya and Keyla were impressed by the number of people calling and asking to be KC’s model as they went crazy after learning she was the one being trained. All that commotion happened because everyone from her hometown knew Kenya’s crafting skills since she was very young. Kenya took many advanced classes and was able to achieve incredible results that made her sister very proud!! Kenya knew she would do great as she was learning from the best! Her sister Keyla Maria!

Since Kenya Cardoso is a resident of the USA she returned ready to open her facility in Apollo Beach, Florida. She became an instructor as she wants to share her knowledge and teach everything to anyone who ever falls in love for machine techniques and wants to learn her secrets that deliver the most beautiful permanent make-up results clients have ever seen. Kenya says the implantation of the pigment is an art and whoever learns it the right way with outstanding training can become a great and admired artist!


Come to meet Kenya Cardoso at KC Permanent Makeup Academy & Studio, and get the most beautiful and outstanding PMU treatment and training!!


Please clicking on FAQ’s and TERMS and CONDITIONS to see more information about all the PRE-CONSIDERATIONS you MUST follow to learn what you need to AVOID weeks before the day of your visit and all about the AFTER-CARE to reach the best results. 


Are a very significant aspect of our appearance. They are one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces. KC creates very attractive eyebrows results to enhance your unique face


The lips are a truly unique body part. The right color will enhance the shape creating a very attractive plumper and healthy look.


The eyes are the windows of our faces. Eyeliners are used to define the eyes to emphasize the eyelids and change the perceived shape of the eyes creating a variety of aesthetic effects.
What exactly is

Digital Microblading?

It’s known as “Nano Hair Strokes Brows” created by using a very fine single needle on high tech micropigmentation to create an illusion of hair by implanting the pigment by microneedling the Skin causing much less trauma, less pain with better retention that lasts longer and preserves the integrity of the skin instead of slicing it open as regular microblading that causes scares tissue with time. It’s recommended for all kinds of skin. It’s safer and produces beautiful and marvelous results ever seen on the industry. It is semi-permanent makeup & all kinds of skin can get retention “following the pre-care & after-care”. It’s as great option as Nano Ombré Powder Brows and recommend for people who experience difficulty keeping  retention like those with extremely oily skin which tends to be delicate in nature.


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