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“I will dedicate every second I have to teach you all the secrets to ensure you are ready to dominate the







Kenya Cardoso provides an incredibly knowledgeable beginning training with all the ultimate information on the field. In this Couse you will learn the Foundation of the Fundamental Applications of Permanent Cosmetics essential to a technician starts a carrier and become a very knowledgeable and reputable Permanent Makeup Artist.


In this course you will learn all about DIGITAL NANO BROWS/HAIR STROKES TECHNIQUE that delivers the safest modality of creating Hair Strokes implanting pigment to the skin using a machine and also DIGITAL OMBRE BROWS that provides you with an in-depth understanding of how to master the Ombre Brow technique, creating perfect pixels and best layering implantation, how to perfect and practice your technique, how to work on Fitz numbers and HOW to combine both techniques to create COMBINATION BROWS.


Duration: START AT 9AM TO 5PM.


Starter Kit comes with:


– Tina Davis pigments;
– Brow Ruler and caliper;
– Pencil;

– white gel pen;

– inked thread;
– Aftercare;
– 3 Latex Skin;
– 5 Pigment rings – Ink Pad with thread
– Digital Machine


What will you learn during this course?


  • Skin anatomy;
  • Color theory & Pigments;
  • How to obtain your Certification in  Blood Born Pathogen;
  • How to obtain your Tattoo Artist License
  • Medical history, client information and consultation;
  • Whether client is a Candidate or not a Candidate;
  • Forms and Addendums
  • Professional Ethic;
  • Machines/needle selection;
  • Visagism and Eyebrows mapping;
  • Pre-drawing Hair Strokes;
  • Creating pixels and perfect layering;
  • Movement and speed;
  • Office equipment;
  • Marketing;
  •  do’s and don’ts;
  • Certification of Completion;
  • Training in synthetic skin;
  • Training in live model (you are welcome to bring your own model);
  • And Much more…


 Your tuition includes: Training Manual, Certificate of training completion, lifetime continuous support after “ Nano Brows – Digital microblading, Digital Ombre Powder and Combination brows” course. Lunch is included.

Seats: 1-6

Duration:  3 days . 8 hours (9am-5pm. )

Certification provided:  Nano brows – Digital Microblading Eyebrows And Digital Ombre Powder Workshop accreditation

Certified by PMU artist Kenya Cardoso 

Location: Apollo Beach FL, 40 minutes from Tampa International airport. 

Please ensure that you can assist class prior booking as payment is non refundable.

Temp FL tattoo license is required to work on live model. We will educate you how to get your license. We got you!!


For more information or to book your private class please e-mail us at


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M-F: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: Closed

About the Academy

The KC Permanent Makeup Academy goal is to provide a safe educational environment that delivers the best quality education for our students. Our program is designed to ensure that you are prepared to meet all necessary requirements to become a competent and reputable professional specialist in micropigmentation field.

Kenya Cardoso is always updated with the ultimate techniques in the micropigmentation field as this industry is constantly changing and renovating techniques. Kenya and her Sister Keyla Maria also own a Permanent Makeup school in Brazil since 2008 where everything got started. Keyla runs the Permanent Makeup School in Brazil as Kenya became a Permanent Resident in the USA years ago and since then Kenya has been proudly sharing with all her students her knowledge, tips and experience that she has already learned all over these years! We are always participating of PMU conferences in Brazil and USA to keep always learning from different worldwide talented artists even participating from live video chats!! KEEP LEARNING! Education is freedom. KC has developed an extra and super informative book as an addition to her Fundamental training to ensure you will get the most complete and best information on the industry. Your clients demand the best micropigmentation they can get. After you have completed the course, you are assured to meet the highest standards for your clients.


In order to ensure you will receive the required attention and knowledge to maximize your potential in the field of micropigmentation KC allows a maximum of 3-6 students in the Fundamental Training for beginners. Kenya Cardoso’s teaching methods are designed to guide you to succeed and deliver a work of excellence.


The classes are extremely easy to follow. Every class covers the basics and moves towards advanced techniques at a gradual pace suited to each student. Once you enroll in a class, you will have a strong understanding of theory, get to know best practices and gain practical skills and techniques.


We are looking forward to see you succeed in your PMU carrier!


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